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Stylish bar named after legendary poet

One of the oldest and most interesting bars in Bergamo is the Caffè del Tasso in Piazza Vecchia. Situated In the top left-hand corner of the square, near the Palazzo Ragione, the Caffè Tasso dates back to at least 1476.
It was known as the Locanda delle Due Spade (the Two Swords Inn) until 1681 when the statue of the poet Torquato Tasso was erected nearby. The name then changed to Al Torquato Tasso Caffè e Bottiglieria (Torquato Tasso Caffè and Wine Shop). Because of its location the bar has always been an important meeting place and a focal point in Bergamo’s history. In 1849 during the Risorgimento it was hit by an Austrian cannon. In 1859 Bergamo volunteers met there, ready to follow Garibaldi on his famous expedition.
Today, the Caffè Tasso is comfortable and stylish, furnished with antique furniture and many reminders of past visitors in the pictures on the walls, including artists, writers and musicians.
Although the decor has been modernised, it retains its original charm and the Caffè has been run by the Menalli family since the 1980s.
It serves breakfasts, morning coffee, aperitivi, snacks, lunches, cocktails and drinks, both inside and at tables outside in warm weather.

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