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Casoncelli alla bergamasca

Delicious casoncelli alla bergamasca

Sampling melt-in-the-mouth Casoncelli alla bergamasca, topped with chopped bacon and sage, butter and grated cheese, is an unforgettable part of a stay in Bergamo.
Casoncelli, also sometimes referred to on menus as casonsei, are a type of ravioli, filled with sausage meat, which has been mixed with several other vital ingredients, including finely chopped pears, sultanas and amaretti.
They are believed to have originated in the countryside outside Bergamo, where they were created as a way of using up left over meat, and have found their way on to the tables of the better off Bergamo families and the menus of traditional restaurants. They are now an important part of Bergamo’s proud gastronomic tradition.
You can order them as a primo piatto, but if you don’t want to eat a whole plateful when you try them for the first time, order them as part of the Tris della Casa at Il Sole Restaurant, which is just off the Piazza Vecchia in the Città Alta (upper town), on the corner of Via Colleoni and Via Rivola.
Il Sole's Tris della Casa
Il Sole’s Tris della Casa is available only if two people in a party order it. They will both be served with a dish divided into three compartments that are filled with casonsei, risotto ai funghi and gnocchi al pomodoro.
You can also buy ready-made casoncelli, or casonsei, from one of the shops selling fresh pasta in Bergamo and prepare them yourselves.
Simply add the casoncelli to boiling water, allow them to simmer for five minutes and serve them sprinkled with grated Grana Padano cheese, melted butter and chopped, cooked bacon and sage.
Wash your casoncelli down with a glass of chilled Valcalepio Bianco.
Buon Appetito and Salute!

Buy casoncelli to cook at home


  1. If possible visit the Coopertivo nr Santa Agata in Bergamo Citra Alta and sample their sublime Casoncelli alla Bergamasca.. This with the local Vacalepio - best culinary experience imaginable!!

  2. Agree! - Business travels took me to Bergamo and I found my absolutely most favorite dish. We found a really good recipe that we can make at home in di Vetri's il viaggio - a culinary journey - wonderful!