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Seeing in the New Year in Bergamo

Piazza Vecchia

Corks will be popping and the bars will be busy as local residents and visitors see in the New Year in Bergamo.
Piazza Vecchia in the Città Alta (upper town) and Via Sentierone at the heart of the Città Bassa (lower town) will be thronged with revellers just before midnight.
Il Presidente della Repubblica Giorgio Napolitane will deliver a New Year message from the Quirinale in Rome, which will be shown on most of the Italian television channels at 20.30.
This will be followed by a live programme of pop and entertainment to see in the New Year on Rai Uno, transmitted from a square in Rimini in Emilia Romagna.
New Year’s Eve is known as la Festa di San Silvestro in Italy and families and friends all get together for a special dinner.
There are midnight fireworks displays in many city squares as well as at private parties. An old custom that is still followed in some parts of Italy is throwing your old things out of the window to symbolise your readiness to accept the New Year.
Buon Anno from Best of Bergamo.

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