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Linger by the lake in Lecco

The statue of Alessandro
 Manzoni in Lecco
Italy’s most famous novelist, Alessandro Manzoni was born on 7 March 1785 in Milan - 226 years ago today.
His childhood home was in Lecco, a beautiful town on Lake Lecco, a branch of Lake Como.
Manzoni set his great work I Promessi Sposi (The Betrothed) in Lecco, inspired by the dramatic mountain scenery surrounding the lake.
More than two centuries later, fans of Manzoni’s novel continue to visit Lecco to see the settings he described and those buildings featured in the book that remain.
I Promessi Sposi was the first novel to be written in modern Italian, a language that could be understood by everyone. It caused a sensation when it was first published in 1825 as it sparked pro unification feelings in many Italians. It is now considered the most important novel in Italian literature and is still required reading for Italian schoolchildren.
Lecco is an easy trip to make from Bergamo. There are regular direct trains which take 40 minutes and there are good road links.
When you arrive in Lecco it is a short walk from the railway station to the side of the lake. If you visit the Ufficio Informazione Turistiche (Tourist Information Office) in Via Sauro, just before you reach the lake, the staff will give you a free map of Lecco with places mentioned in the novel marked on it, such as the house of Lucia, the main character, the castle of the villainous Don Rodrigo and the famous marriage church.  For more information visit www.turismo.provincia.lecco.it.
You may find there is too much to see in Lecco to fit in one day and consider spending the night there. But it is important to choose a centrally located hotel in order not to waste any time travelling.
The Hotel Giordano is in a good position at the side of the lake in Lungolario Luigi Cadorna. Although it is a quiet location it is just a short walk from the historic centre of Lecco and the shops and restaurants.
Rooms that overlook the lake have terraces so that guests can sit out and enjoy the stunning views. All the rooms have a television, minibar and internet connection. For more information and to book, visit www.venere.com 
A quotation from I Promessi Sposi is still used by Italians today in an ironic manner when they are talking about weddings. “Questo matrimonio mon s’ha da fare…” (This marriage is not to take place…) is probably the most famous and regularly repeated quotation from Italian literature.

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