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Festa della Liberazione

The monument to the partisans
Today is a Bank Holiday in Bergamo and throughout the rest of Italy as the country celebrates the Festa della Liberazione.
The Festa marks the day on 25 April 1945 when the Allied troops were finally able to liberate Italy .
The marches, gatherings and concerts held throughout the day provide an opportunity for Italians to remember their fallen soldiers, in particular the partisans of the Italian resistance who fought the Nazis as well as Mussolini’s troops throughout the second world war.
A focal point for remembering will be the Torre dei Caduti in Piazza Vittorio Veneto in the Città Bassa (lower town). Nearby in Piazza Matteotti there is a striking monument dedicated to the partisans by Bergamo sculptor Giacomo Manzu, which he presented to his home town as a gift in 1977.

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