Bergamo’s beautiful upper town, the Città Alta (pictured above), is a magical place well worth visiting. Use this website to help you plan your trip to Bergamo in Northern Italy and find your way to some of the other lovely towns and villages in Lombardia that are perhaps less well known to tourists.


Quaint old piazza now home to post office

Piazza Mercato del Fieno
A small square in Bergamo’s Città Alta (upper town) that still has a distinctly medieval feel is Piazza Mercato del Fieno just off Via Gombito.
The square was once the site of the Città Alta’s hay market and is still bordered by three medieval tower houses.
One of the houses, which used to be owned by Bergamo’s rich and powerful Suardi family, has a pretty little balcony under a double arched mullioned window.
Piazza Mercato del Fieno is now the location of the Città Alta’s post office and also has some shops, bars and restaurants.
To find the square, turn right from Via Gombito opposite the Città Alta’s tourist office.
The piazza is a good place to stand to take a photograph of the Gombito tower, which looms high above Via Gombito.
The square is on higher ground and is sufficiently far away to enable you to capture a shot that includes the top of the tower.

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