Bergamo’s beautiful upper town, the Città Alta (pictured above), is a magical place well worth visiting. Use this website to help you plan your trip to Bergamo in Northern Italy and find your way to some of the other lovely towns and villages in Lombardia that are perhaps less well known to tourists.


Seek out palace in ‘most beautiful corner of Italy’

The terrace at Palazzo Terzi
Said to be the most important baroque building in Bergamo, the Palazzo Terzi is tucked away in a quiet square behind Santa Maria Maggiore in the Città Alta (upper town).
The elegant palace, which is still a private residence, was begun in the 16th century and modified in the 17th and 18th centuries.
From the Piazza Terzi, it is possible to look through the wrought iron gates of the palace’s elegant inner courtyard (pictured), which leads out on to a magnificent terrace adorned with marble statues and balustrading overlooking the plains below.
The Piazza Terzi, with its imposing entrance to the palace, was referred to by German novelist and poet Hermann Hesse as ‘the most beautiful corner of Italy’, when he came across it unexpectedly during a visit to Bergamo in 1913.
The palace has also impressed the many aristocratic figures that have stayed there, including Francis 1, Emperor of Austria.
During the summer some of the rooms in the Palazzo Terzi are open to visitors on Sundays, when treasures such as frescoes attributed to Tiepolo and 16th and 17th century tapestries can be viewed.
For up to date information about opening times, check with the Ufficio Informazioni Turistiche (Tourist Information Office) in Via Gombito or visit www.turismo.bergamo.it

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