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Prosecco or pastries at Balzer

Enjoy un aperitivo (an aperitif) in the elegant surroundings of Balzer in Bergamo’s Città Bassa (lower town).
Founded in 1850, the bar in Via Portici Sentierone (under the porticos of the Senti- erone) has become a Bergamo institution.
You can meet up with friends and colleagues for breakfast, coffee and pastries, drinks, lunch, English tea, ice creams, cocktails, vini spumanti (such as prosecco), salads and sandwiches.
Balzer’s pastries are hand made from recipes that have been handed down over the generations and drinks orders are always accompanied by complimentary tiny sandwiches and savoury pastries.
Balzer is particularly known for polenta e osei (a cake made to resemble polenta with chocolate birds on top) and Torta Donizetti, named in honour of the composer. 
Because of its position opposite the Teatro Donizetti, the tables of Balzer have at times been graced by stars such as Maria Callas and others from the opera world.
For more information visit www.balzer.it or telephone 035 234083.
Balzer is an ideal place to stop for a drink and watch the world go by along the historic cobbles of the Sentierone. Salute!

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